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Greenfert is a company engaged in fertilizer,Website:,with 2 main models: Organic fertilizer(Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract) & Water Soluble NPK fertilizer. Also, OEM or formulated compound fertilizers are supplied in Greenfert. In order to make sure the great quality, the QC team follows production process with strictstandards, which had made Greenfert received high evaluation from our customers covered over 30 countries and regions. For offering high level service to our customers, Greenfert's R&D department had worked tightly with various soil-related questions and worked out the targeted solutions for different customers' demands. Just focus on your field.For the fertilizer related questions, leave them to us please.
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potassium humic acid humic fulvic acid humus fertilizer humic acid fertilizer humate humic acid fertilizer Humic acid potassium soluble potassium humate super potassium humate flakes leonardite humic acid K humate Humic acid potassium salt powdered Humic acid water soluble potassium humate humic minerals humic acid for plants humic acid granules slow release fertilizer humic acid shiny balls humic amino balls sodium humate humic acid granular humate soil conditioner humic acid minerals humic acid pellets dry humate humic acid fulvic acid humic acid liquid liquid humic acid fertilizer humic acid water liquid fertilizer NPK fulvic trace minerals fulvic acid food grade fulvic acid 95% fulvic acid animal fulvic acid mineral bio fulvic fertilizer plant fulvic in agriculture fulvic acid 70% plant source fulvic acid bio manure fertilizer foliar fulvic fulvic acid NPK fulvic acid chelate fulvic acid Fertilizer fulvic acid liquid fertilizer liquid fulvic acid for plants fulvic acid and Amino acid fertilizer liquid fulvic acid fertilizer amino organic fertilizer amino acid chloride free L amino acid for plants amino acid 50 l-amino acid fertilizer amino acid agriculture amino acid plant fertilizer amino acid free of chlorine amino acid chelated trace elements amino acid fertilizer powder Amino acid trace elements amino acids for plant growth amino acid based organic fertilizers plant amino acid foliar amino acid amino acid powder for plants amino acid powder fertilizer liquid amino and fulvic liquid fulvic acid aminoacids blend fertilizer amino acid 80 liquid amino acids for plants alginic acid for plant brown algae extract seaweed extract in agriculture seaweed extract cytokinin seaweed extract during flowering seaweed extract rooting seaweed extract turf seaweed extract for vegetables seaweed extract for flowers seaweed pellets liquid seaweed extract liquid Algae fertilizer ascophyllum nodosum liquid seaweed liquid seaweed extract liquid spray liquid seaweed NPK water soluble fertilizer high nitrogen fertilizer npk fertilizer liquid fertilizer garden fertilizer mkp fertilizer potassium phosphate fertilizer phosphorus fertilizer agriculture mkp 0-52-34 fertilizer rock phosphate fertilizers ammonium phosphate fertilizer fertilizer dap map fertilizer monoammonium phosphate crystals monoammonium phosphate fertilizer phosphorus fertilizer super phosphate fertilizer dap fertiliser phosphate in fertilizer dap in agriculture urea phosphate fertilizer urea nitrogen high UP fertilizer urea nitrogen urea potassium phosphate fertilizer
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